Our First Post, Welcome to HowJedi, the place for Backlinks

This is a place where each one of you is welcome to write an article and backlink to your Website.

A few weeks ago, we were looking for places to submit guest posts so we could link back to our websites in order to improve the ranking. Much to our horror, we found out that most backlinks services are not free. That’s when we decided to create this place, because we had a limited budget. We realized that many new users or owners of websites have extremely barebone budgets, hence this place, right here. Created for people like us!

It will always be FREE. To maintain the website, we shall post our affiliate links for which we may get paid a small commission. None of this money is charged to you. Bear with us, as we try to meet the purpose of this place.

As stated, you may link your website. No adult or mature people websites are allowed.

Please register and write a short HOW TO article describing what or whom you represent. All headlines must start with HOW TO, and all content should answer the question that you pick for yourself. Ideally, the article you submit should be an original article and should give some value to our readers and should be no less than 300 words.

In case you encounter difficulties, email your article to info at HowJedi and it will be posted.

The purpose of this place is to create backlinks for your websites. It will always be free. We will add affiliate links from our partners for which we may get paid a small amount, at no charge to you.

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