How to write a meta description for your WordPress website

A meta description is the first description or summary of what your website does, that readers will encounter in the search engines. Therefore it is important that it passes the message appropriately. It’s the website’s first impression

  1. Length should be up to 160 characters and no more! This is what will be displayed by the search engines
  2. Use action-oriented language. It gets clicks! But does it? We have seen some passive language that resonates with readers. Do what is comfortable
  3. Make it specific and relevant. Put that keyword in! That’s the keywords that you want to rank for. By the time you are writing a mega description, let’s imagine you know what you want to rank for
  4. Don’t deceive searchers. They will hate you for that! Yes people do hate being misled. Have you clicked on something which led you down a rabbit hole and none of the information you were looking for is available
  5. Provide a solution or benefit. Create value! Yes indeed, people aren’t on your website to pass time. They are looking for specific information or specific services.

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