How to save money through frugal habits

  1. Wait for sales. Always wait for sales because everything eventually goes on sale.
  2. Compare prices before you commit to using your hard-earned money. Someone somewhere has the item way cheaper.

Learn to DIY, do it yourself is not only classy but it is frugal and saves you pain, money and headaches.

Make coffee at home. Don’t buy that $5 cup of coffee when you can make 20 cups at home for the same amount of money. Frugality rules

Don’t take stuff on credit. If you can’t afford to pay cash for it, learn to do without it.

Shop with a shopping list clutched tightly in your hand so that your hands are not free to pick up stuff you don’t need.

Don’t be brand royal. Move to whoever has the better products for your needs. Be selfish as you save your money. We are club frugal..

Please come over to our website to read more tips on how to stretch your money by being frugal. Never be ashamed of being frugal.

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