How do I become The First Trillionaire?

Here are a few relatively easy ways to get wealthy enough to pay for your bills..

  1. When you start a business, try to add value to society. Make sure you are solving a real or if it is an imagined problem, bring out the big guns of a good PR firm and convince the people they need this product.
  2. Save some money before you use anything. You must learn to love yourself and pay yourself first.
  3. Create a great business plan and follow it religiously and blindly with no distractions or room for bumbling around. You are on a mission to become The First Trillionaire.
  4. Invest back into the business as fast as you can. Unless necessary, avoid buying clothes, shoes, just reinvest the money.
  5. Buy up other small businesses and grow them. There is more money once you become a monopoly.
  6. Remember the power of compound interest and how it factors into growth
  7. Learn everything
  8. Be patient and watch everything and everyone
  9. Use people if they know more than you do.

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